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Fire & Store

Fire & Stone is designed by Klaus-Jüergen Wrede, the reputable game designer of Carcassonne.  This new game is just published in January 2022 and we can't wait to bring it directly from Germany to share with you. 

In Fire & Stone, the players lead their tribes through the Stone Age to develop their villages by exploring new lands, gathering resources, building huts, inventing new tools and techniques.  Whoever is the most successful in development to grasp the highest victory points will be the winner.

The game is not too complex but requires players to strategically plan their actions.  It also involves a little bit of luck when players choose which tiles on the map to flip.  Players who like strategic games with mid-level complexity or not too long playing time should not miss it!



Bonfire: Trees & Creatures is also a latest game launched in November 2021, it is the first expansion of the highly strategic game, Bonfire.  It is designed by Stefan Feld, the renowned designer of The Castles of Burgundy.

In Bonfire, the players (the Gnomes) have to perform necessary tasks to ignite the Bonfires to bring light back to their fallen ancient cities.  Through strategically choosing and executing different actions to perform a variety of tasks, players get victory points to compete for winner.  Being well received by expert gamers, Bonfire has been nominated Golden Geek Heavy Game of the Year in 2020.  The new expansion, Trees & Creatures, apart from adding components for the 5th player, it provides 3 additional modules, Ancient Trees, Creatures and Events, that can be added to the base game separately or in combination.  It adds more challenges to the game.

You will not want to miss the new expansion if you already have Bonfire.  If you like highly strategic game and do not have these two games yet, why not considering buying both together now?

Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem is also designed by famous designer, Stefan Feld.  It was well received after being introduced in 2018 and was nominated the Kennerspiel des Jahres (Expert Game of the Year) in 2019.

Players as the influential Roman patricians will build lavish villas and dwellings for servants, grow bountiful gardens, cultivate ponds etc to improve their city districts and gain prestige points.  Player with the highest prestige points will win.  It is a sophisticated tile-laying game with high replay value.

Publisher, Alea, re-design this new edition in 2021.  Rule of game remains.  Players who like strategic games should "seize the day" (it is exactly what Latin "Carpe Diem" means) to take this intriguing game without waiting!