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E Square Studio Family Games Recommendation

In new card game, Prey Another Day, the large predators hunt the smaller ones, but the little ones are nimble and can easily escape. Players need to secretly decide which of their wild animals is going to hunt by deducing which animals others are sending.  A easy-to-play and thrilling game for age 8 or above!

Easy to learn and quick to play, Ticket to Ride First Journey (U.S.) is the perfect introduction to the classic Ticket to Ride series.  Players collect train cards, claim routes on the map of America, and try to connect the cities shown on their tickets to achieve victory.  A great game for family and younger players at age 6 or above! 

In Für die Katz, players needed to bring cats from the forest back into their baskets.  Blindfolded player leads the walking stick through the rough terrain while the other players use animal voices to guide him/her.  An interesting children cooperative game for age 4 or above, training their listening and movement coordination!