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E Square Studio Family Games Recommendation

Zilence uses zombie city as the background of the game to test the ability of the players’ concentration and observation. Being one of those survivors, players need to plan their escape at the roof of the skyscraper in the city centre. You need to collect sufficient materials to leave within the limited time. The game is simple, but looking for the best route with the most materials in 20 seconds is definitely not easy. You must be calm and focused to make the best choice.

Lecker Lava (English: Yummy Lava) combine dinosaurs and volcano. Players act as cute dinosaurs that enjoy eating lava rocks in the game. To win, you need to eat more lava rocks than the other dinosaurs. Lecker Lava is very simple to play, making it easy for children to grasp. The position of the falling lava rocks is unpredictable each time, making it exciting and tense for both adults and children to play together. It is a very interesting family board game.

Flamme Rouge BMX is a kids’ game derived from the popular board game Flamme Rouge. The race course is set at the park in local community. Players race on their own BMX bikes. The game requires players to think about how to use the resources in their hands. The movement of the riders references the arrangement and win limit elements in the original game, adding complexity and making it immersive for young players.