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E Square Studio Family Games Recommendation

KuZooka is about a group of animals planning to escape from their Zoo.  They need to work together with the others in secret to pool the trash left behind by zoo visitors and develop an escape plan that makes use of these items.  This 2023 Spiel des Jahres Recommended game is suitable for players aged 8 or above.  It trains players’ logical thinking and communication skills, a great cooperation game for family!

In Biss 20, players count from 1 to 20 together, with each player saying one number in turn.  It sounds simple but really not!  New rules keep coming up for presenting the numbers, just when you've remembered one rule, there is another waiting around the corner!  This 2021 Spiel des Jahres Recommended game challenges your memory and concentration.  A fun family and party game for age 7 or above.

The little bunnies in Hopp Hopp Häschen have to flee out of their burrow due to the heavy rain.  With the help of the colour die, they have to find the correct exit and bounce towards the ground surface.  See who can help the most bunnies get to the surface safely!  The interesting theme, easy rules and great components make this game attractive to toddlers aged 3 or above.  The game won the 2016 Årets Spil Best Children's Game!