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E Square Studio Family Games Recommendation

Poo Poo Pets is all about speed: each player rolls their 6 dice at the same time to achieve dice combination on opponents’ pet tiles, then press the squeaky toy poo and take the corresponding tile from their opponent.  The last player still with tiles on hand wins.  A simple and frantic fun game for age 8 or above with an eye-catching toy poo, real fun for family and children!

Gezanke auf der Planke is played on a real 3D ship that lies rocking in the waves. Being the pirates on board, players need to collect most coins to win.  With each move, one of the six planks is pushed sideways over the deck, and a pirate on the ship is moved. This always puts some pirates out of balance... A game with straight forward rule for age 6 or above, challenging your sensitivity of gravity!

In Beethupferl, players grab their watering cans to lure the plants out of the ground. When the water drops sink into the hollows, they turn over the tiles and reveal different types of vegetables. If a type is seen three times, it is harvested.  Beware of the snails hiding under as they will eat your harvest! This award winning game conjures an exciting experience of nature into every child’s room with bountiful fun!