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E Square Studio Family Games Recommendation

In Donky Pong, children and their donkeys are going to the market, see who is the first to arrive!  Players will play cards in their turn to move either their child or donkey.  Since a rope is tied between them, players have to think about which one to move to maximize the steps they can move.  Simple game rule but request a bit of thinking, plus colourful and interesting components that attract young players.  A good and fun-to-play family game that toddlers at age 4 or above can master without problem.

Quickity Pickity is a frantic tile-flipping game that requires players to be quick with their hands and their brains. Everyone starts flipping the tiles at the same time, searching to create a set of fruits of the same colour or shape.  A round ends when the third monkey shopkeeper is flipped, and whose set of fruits meet the market demand most will earn money.  A fast-moving and fun game being liked by everyone in the family!

The award winning game Carcassonne is a tile-placement game in which the players draw and place a landscape tile and “Meeple” each turn to score.  The tiles might feature cities, roads, cloisters etc that they must be placed adjacent to tiles already played, while those cities, roads etc on them are well connected.  Players keep making decisions throughout the game.  Despite it recommends for player at age 7+, adults won’t find this elementary strategic game childly.  A fun and witty family game to play!