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E Square Studio Family Games Recommendation

In Ist Da Wer?! , animals are playing hide-and-seek in the thicket! Every time when players shake the thicket, 5 colour disks will be exposed at the bottom. Players who pick the colour-matched animal tokens fast will be rewarded a piece of puzzle.  The first to complete the puzzle will win! The game is suggested for players aged 5 or above, but younger children who recognize colour and animal can definitely play without a problem. An attractive and fun family game especially for toddlers!

Order Overload: Café allows you to experience the life of a café waiter! It has total 86 food/drink order cards. At each level, one player draws required number of cards and read aloud the food/drink on them.  After cards being randomly distributed, every player tries to remember and call other’s orders in turn. If targeted orders are successfully called, all players proceed to the next level. This cooperative game trains players’ memory and brings lots of laughter. A must-have party game!

In Tricky Street, trucks loaded with parcels are out for delivery in the city! Players need to deliver the parcels to the designated addresses one by one, however, traffic lights, road works and cars become obstacles. Players may roll dices to remove them. The first who deliver all the parcels wins. This game teaches young players to make the first tactical decisions and most importantly it is of fun!