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E Square Studio Family Games Recommendation

Hush 'N Rush is the latest released board game from renowned game designer and publisher, Logis.  The forest animals need to return home and hide themselves when the sleepy wolf wakes up.  We tried it with players aged 3, they were so involved and excited when the dice showed the eyes symbol - wolf is waking up!  The game teaches shape recognition and develops fine motor skills.  Don't miss this fun and exciting game for young toddlers!

In Lama Express, your llamas in the herd travel across 4 continents: Europe, America, Asia and Africa, they want to be the first to get back home and recount their adventures.  The game suggested for players aged 5 or above, but we have lots of feedback that elder players also find it fun to play.  You can kick others' llamas off the train, sometimes some llamas miss to get off their train if they are not focused enough. Lama Express is definitely a family game that brings lots of laughter!

Ab durch die Mauer is the winner of innoSPIEL 2019 (an award which focuses on quality and innovation features). The game is about ghosts who won't be stopped by mere walls when they hunt for the best costumes in the castle.  The rotating gameboard, underlain with magnetic sliders, gives the game a magical and spooky touch.  Players need to carefully consider how to govern all effects when they move their ghosts to find the costumes.  A family game full of surprises for players age 7 or above.