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About Us

We are a couple who have been playing board games since teenage time.  We like its simplicity (play should be something very simple at heart) and its interaction between players.  Board games playing is now a common interest of our family of four, our two kids enjoy so much and we see how it has been influencing the positive growth of them.  E Square is "E to the power 2" ( or "E x E" ), the two letters E are the initial of our 2 kids.

While we share how we played board games with our kids and friends on social media, we notice that there are a lot of friends being interested in it but telling us they have no clue in choosing suitable and good board games.  Thus, we want to set up this internet platform to

share and introduce different board games, especially from the perspective of a parent;

highlight how board games playing can be a good family activity, for different ages within the family;

promote board games as an educational tool;

import high quality board games from Europe and Japan, providing more choices to players;

provide e-commerce function for convenience of purchase, especially for those who have no time to do physical shopping.

We are always happy to answer your question about board games.  Please feel free to reach us at our email cs@esquarestudio.com or our WhatsApp number +852 5238 9898.